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Andriushchenko Nataliia

Nataliia Andriushchenko, M.A.

Research Fellow, LMU School of Arts


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Department Kunstwissenschaften
Theaterwissenschaft, ERC-Projekt T-Migrants
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 München

Nataliia Andriushchenko is a journalist, independent filmmaker, and scholar based in Dnipro, Ukraine.

She authored over 1,000 articles on cinema, film, and theater for Ukrainian national and regional publications and 2 biographies of notable Ukrainian academics. She has written and produced short documentary films for the Dnipro University of Technology (2016-2021). Currently, she is a screenwriter for the regional TV station Channel 34 (2021-February 2022) and worked for DocFest Munich (2022).

In 2018, she received her master's degree in audiovisual art and production from the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture (2018), where she studied film history and production.

As a scholar, she has studied the phenomenon of creative documentary, which is the subject of her Master's thesis and a subsequent article.

At LMU Munich Nataliia Andriushchenko will pursue research on her project "Creative Documentary: Genre or Movement?" at LMU Theatre Studies.