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Kovalchuk Nataliia

Prof. Dr. Nataliia Kovalchuk

Gerda Henkel Foundation Research Fellow

Prof. Dr. Nataliia Kovalchuk is Associate Professor of History at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. Prof. Kovalchuk has served as a lecturer and administrator at UCU since 2002, and currently leads the interdisciplinary Liberal Arts baccalaureate program at the UCU Faculty of Humanities. She earned her Candidate of Science degree (Ph.D. equivalent) from Lviv National University, and earned her Masters' degree in the comparative history of East-Central Europe from Central European University in Budapest.

Her research focuses on the modern intellectual history of East-Central Europe, national and supranational movements such as Pan Slavism, and the current life of 19th-century ideologies. After an initial grant through the Historisches Seminar’s support programme, Natalia Kovalchuk was granted a fellowship from the Gerda Henkel Foundation.

While at LMU, Prof. Kovalchuk will study the role of Pan Slavic ideas in modern Russian political imagination through the means of critical discourse analysis.

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